On a regular basis we will showcase members of our international SUBLIME Team. Click on their quotes below to learn about their roles in SUBLIME.

Esther Breugelmans
"The collaborative nature of scientific research means I get to work with bright minds from all different backgrounds, which is both inspiring and fulfilling."
Neel Sanghvi
"In science, you face a lot of challenges, but the range of possibilities is also greater."
David Echasserieau
„Science is instrumental for a better understanding of the world and turns knowledge in new technologies into a better life.“
Uniresearch B.V.
Wieteke van Balen
„As so many different companies are working together to achieve the set goals, I know for sure that better results will be acquired than would be the case if just one organization would try it.“
MIMI Tech GmbH
Milena Stopic
"Science has the power to connect people from various professions with the aim of creating a better future."
Ömer Ulaş Kudu
"Only through observing and understanding it, we improve our lives and develop useful tools."
Ricardo Rocca
”Science opens your mind and it’s able to make you understand how nature works.“
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Forschung e.V.
Paul Wulfert-Holzmann
”Science enables us to understand any process in nature or technology. Despite its history, science is never absolute but strives to broaden already existing knowledge.“
Institute for Particle Technology,
Technische Universität Braunschweig
Mattis Batzer
”The opportunity to discover new things and develop solutions to previously unsolvable problems. I like the diversity and the challenge of keeping up with constant progress.“
Politecnico di Torino
Davide Dessantis
"About science I like formulas and equations, because I find interesting in understanding how the different phenomena are influenced by the parameters characterizing them."
Politecnico di Torino
Julia Amici
"For me science is curiosity, I like to find out how things work, I always had and still have a billion questions about everything, and science gives answers."
CIC energigune
Andrey Golov
"What I appreciate about science is its ability to solve complex problems, inspire curiosity and innovation, and bring people together in pursuit of a common goal. Additionally, science can be a way of self-expression and creativity."
CIC energigune
Javier Carrasco
"I was probably drawn to science out of a sense of curiosity. What I find most exciting about science is the process of exploring the unknown and making new discoveries."
CIC energigune
Pedro López-Aranguren
"I find science an exciting way of observing our fascinating surrounding phenomena that gives me the incentive on the daily life."
CIC energigune
Vladislav Kolotygin
"I like to explore the world, as it is, find new relationships and update my knowledge about it. I like to overcome challenges, analyze my mistakes and achieve goals. Science satisfies all these positions."
Jens Ewald
"Science advances mankind."
Arash (Seyedhosein) Payandeh
"I love science because it can change the World with novelty and better understanding of the different phenomena."
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Raad Hamid
"Science is knowledge and know-how about old and new things in the world following defined methodology and regulations."
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Jacqueline Winter
"There is always something new to learn about the world."
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Ningxin Zhang
"Science is the most reliable measure for solving current problems and alleviating future challenges, it could play key roles especially for environment degradation due to global warming, environment pollution, etc."
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Artur Tron
"Quite a quick experiment can shed light on an important connection that we have taken for granted or perhaps never even thought about that. Therefore, science was, is, and will be part of our life."
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Alexander Beutl
‘’Science feels like magic, but it is more reproducible.’’