Jens Ewald

Project Coordinator
Jens Ewald

What do you like about science?

Science advances mankind.

If you have not become a scientist, what would you be today?

Actually, I am not a scentist, I am an engineer!

What is your favorite place at work? Outside work?

This is a good question nowadays where we become used to working increasingly remote … I like to be everywhere, what ever is just needed

What is your role in the SUBLIME project?

I support the project partners such that they can coordinate themselves. I would not actually say that I am coordinator of the project. The input and the drive needs to come from the partners, but maybe sometimes it needs a small “nudge” to spin.

How do you think will the results of SUBLIME contribute to a more sustainable world? How will the world be different after SUBLIME?

SUBLIME will be one brick of the many to bring us towards a fossile CO2-free world. We will be soon having situations in which we have a vast surplus of green electricity available but not enough means to store it for times when the wind is not blowing and the sun not shining.

What research are you conducting at your institution and how is it applied in the SUBLIME project?

FEV’s role is to evaluate with the partners the product of SUBLIME in the context of automotive application.