Raad Hamid

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Raad Hamid

What do you like about science?​

It is knowledge and know-how about old and new things in the world following defined methodology and regulations

If you had not become a scientist, what would you be today?​

Working in the private sector in the field of textiles

What is your favorite place at work? Outside work?


What is your role in the SUBLIME project?

Helping to get more information about the behavior of materials through chemical and mineralogical characterization

How do you think will the results of SUBLIME contribute to a more sustainable world? How will the world be different after SUBLIME?

Sublime is a small progressing step in the world of solid-state-battery and their using materials

What research are you conducting at your institution and how is it applied in the SUBLIME project?

Material characterization by using x-ray non-destructive Methods (XRF & XRD). The usage of these techniques was beneficial to know more about the behavior of using materials within the project.