Javier Carrasco

CIC energigune
Javier Carrasco

What do you like about science?

I was probably drawn to science out of a sense of curiosity. What I find most exciting about science is the process of exploring the unknown and making new discoveries.

If you have not become a scientist, what would you be today?

Difficult to say. Perhaps a chemical engineer.

What is your favorite place at work? Outside work?

As I spend more and more time on meetings and administrative matters, perhaps my favorite place at work would be at my desk in front of the computer, quietly performing some simulations or programing. Outside work, I like to spend time outdoors with my kids.

What is your role in the SUBLIME project?

I am involved in supervising tasks related to the atomistic modeling of the interface between solid electrolytes and lithium metal. The insights provided by these simulations could help to guide the search and dising of better materials for the SUBLIME project.

How do you think will the results of SUBLIME contribute to a more sustainable world? How will the world be different after SUBLIME?

The SUBLIME project is an ambitious undertaking that aims to advance the development of a brand-new battery concept by facilitating the adoption of sulfide electrolyte-based solid-state battery cells, which, if successful, could revolutionize the field. This innovative technology has the potential to yield batteries with superior capacity and voltage stability, while also being more environmentally friendly and safer than existing batteries. Its implementation could accelerate the shift toward electric transportation and, in turn, reshape a significant portion of our current energy consumption, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

What research are you conducting at your institution and how is it applied in the SUBLIME project?

We employ a diverse range of theoretical chemistry techniques, including density functional theory, molecular mechanics, and cheminformatics, to tackle complex problems. We aim to establish connections between the electronic and atomic structure of matter and its microscopic behavior using physics-based tools at the mesoscale and even larger scales, such as in the context of lithium metal and solid-state batteries in the SUBLIME project. Our approach involves integrating various elements of the rich theoretical toolbox available in modern chemistry. We also leverage machine learning methods to expedite the discovery of novel materials, as well as speed up materials characterization and design.