Esther Breugelmans

Esther Breugelmans

What do you like about science?

As a researcher, I find the pursuit of scientific knowledge incredibly rewarding. Plus, the collaborative nature of scientific research means I get to work with bright minds from all different backgrounds, which is both inspiring and fulfilling.

If you had not become a scientist, what would you be today?

If I hadn’t followed the path of scientific research, I might have been a chef on a charter yacht, combining my passions for cooking and travelling.

What is your favorite place at work? Outside work?

At work, my favorite place is our coffee corner. A place where I can fuel myself with the necessary amount of caffeine and also a place filled with chatter and laughter of my colleagues when we enjoy a break from work.
Outside of work, my favorite places to visit are all sorts of different islands!

What is your role in the SUBLIME project?

In the SUBLIME project, I’m the responsible researcher for the development of cathode materials. Specifically, I’m investigating novel compositions, chemistries, and processes to enhance these cathode materials for sulfide solid state batteries.

How do you think will the results of SUBLIME contribute to a more sustainable world? How will the world be different after SUBLIME?

SUBLIME will contribute to the further development of sulfide electrolyte-based solid state batteries and hopefully bring us one step closer to commercializing this for the EV’s of the future.

What research are you conducting at your institution and how is it applied in the SUBLIME project?

At Umicore, my research revolves around the development of cathode materials and applying modifications to these materials for different types of solid state batteries. Our findings directly impact the SUBLIME project, where we integrate these advanced materials into practical battery designs.