SUBLIME’s third #openaccess publication

One of the important parts of the #SUBLIME project is directed at a rational approach for the optimization of composite #cathodes using solid #sulfideelectrolytes elucidated the influence of different parameters on the cycling performance.


During this workshop, it was discussed obtained results and data from first and second openaccess publications of SUBLIME as part of the methodological developments of allsolidstatebatteries with sulfidebasedelectrolytes addressed to the assessment of current knowledge and process engineering from point of view of research directions of development and modeling of all-solid-state batteries.

SUBLIME’s review #openaccess publication

This review aims to demonstrate ways to manufacture suspension-based sulfidic solid-state batteries both on a laboratory scale and on an industrial level, focusing on the assessment of current knowledge and its discussion from a process engineering point of view to obtain new visions of SUBLIME research ways in which all partners take part actively.


SUBLIME is also represented with an oral presentation from Artur Tron (AIT) on Rational optimization of cathode/electrolyte bilayer assemblies for all-solid-state batteries.


SUBLIME will be represented at the TRA 2022 which will be held from the 14th to 17th of Nov. 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal.