SUBLIME @ BeLi 2024 conference in Padova, Italy

Researcher Artur Tron and Alexander Beutl from AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Ander Orue and Pedro López-Aranguren from CIC energiGUNE, Andrea Itziar Pitillas Martinez from ABEE, Maria Helena Braga from University of Porto, Ville Kekkonen from Pulsedeon as SUBLIME and PULSELION partners focusing on fabrication and optimization of solid electrolyte and cathode films for dry and wet chemistry process with following testing into small scale format cells.

Artur Tron will be presenting the oral presentation at the International Symposium on Beyond Li-Ion Batteries 2024 – BeLI24, 1st – 6th September 2024 in Padova, Italy.

The main topic of this presentation will be addressed to “Traps and pitfalls in characterizing all-solid-state battery chemistries”.