During this workshop, it was discussed obtained results and data from first and second openaccess publications of SUBLIME as part of the methodological developments of allsolidstatebatteries with sulfidebasedelectrolytes addressed to the assessment of current knowledge and process engineering from point of view of research directions of development and modeling of all-solid-state batteries.

Main objectives and competences to be reached during BATMAN workshop are:

  • Describe the fundamental theory behind different modeling methods;
  • Understand the scope and limitations of various models;
  • Be able the choose the appropriate method to tackle different problems and aspects of a battery;
  • Perform calculations using the codes provided during the course (ASE/GRAW, LAMMPS, Matlab Comsol Multiphysics, Python scripts);
  • Present his/her results in a course report.

This BATMAN workshop is covered various facets in the development and application of multi scale modeling methods, from theoretical foundations to practical implementation including porous electrodes theories, DFT approaches, Kinetic Monte Carlo, Cluster expansion, Molecular Dynamics, Continuum modeling, Machine Learning, computational workflows, and virtual reality visualization and computation, and atomistic, mesoscopic and macroscopic aspects of battery systems.

Javier Carrasco (@CIC energiGUNE), Destiny Training School Workshop: BATMAN – Battery Modeling & Advanced Numerical Simulations (14-18 November 2022).