Mono-layer pouch cells of SUBLIME

The amount of available publications on sulfide-based all-solid-state batteries reporting on the performance of unreasonable cell designs outweighs the limited number of papers employing cell designs and processes closer to industrial adoption. Often, pressed powder pellets are used for the electrodes and unreasonable (>1000 µm) thick electrolyte layers are employed.

In order to reach high energy densities, thinner electrolyte layers are necessary and the use of coated electrodes. Furthermore, currently established manufacturing technologies should be employed for the preparation of battery cells to enable ready adoption of this new cell chemistry by battery manufacturers.

SUBLIME heads towards this goal with the production of the first mono-layer pouch cells, which is led by our team at Fraunhofer IST/TU Braunschweig (Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST). Bilayer assemblies of composite cathode and electrolyte layers are prepared via extrusion processes and combined with a Li-In anode. The cells are currently being tested and evaluated in terms of their electrochemical performance.

You can find more details in our publications section.